Little Skillet productions


Digital Services & Video Production

Little Skillet Production is a non-profit television, video production, and training organization. Our organization is committed to excellence in providing, developing, and supporting programs, venues, and services that show the human experience in a truthful, positive, entertaining, and informative manner. The LSP commitment to both community development and economic development is extended through supporting the growth of commerce, the expansion of technology, and the advocacy of financial and academic literacy. Primary to our commitment is assisting communities and individuals utilize media, commerce, technology, and information to promote positive and progressive personal development as well as systemic change.



Peace Initiative

Center for Peace

A Little Skillet Productions Initiative

The Center for Peace is a part of our mission for community, economic, and personal development, as well as an extension of our commitment to the expansion of technology in Chicago.

Center for Peace Mission Statement:
Communities face destructive violence from within. The resolution must emanate from the people within the affected communities. The Center for Peace, goal, and philosophy, is to provide and develop programs that promote activities that encourage a systemic attitude shift from “Non-Violence” to a” Focus on Peace.” A shift to a “Focus on Peace” requires the development of the human potential through education, economic opportunity, and the support of culture and gender diversity. The effective use of technology and information further assistance this development.